IYC talks emotional health with New Forest Academy!

Before the schools broke up for the summer holidays last month, IYC’s Tash Willard paid a visit to New Forest Academy to deliver emotional health workshops to 3 different groups of year 8 pupils – approximately 90 young people all together.

The pupils were asked for their feedback on the workshop and we’re pretty pleased with the results!

We think it’s really important to open a dialogue about emotional health and well-being with young people, and we’re pleased to see that the vast majority of these year 8 pupils found some real value in the workshop.

Of the pupils who completed the survey…

100% reported that they learnt something new from this workshop
96% found the workshop interesting and relevant
98% felt it was important to know about emotional health
95% would recommend the workshop to others
93% reported they left the workshop feeling confident enough to seek support from IYC, should they need it in the future.

Students were also asked what they took away from the workshop. Their comments include:

“Speak to someone if you need help”
“Treat your emotional health as well as your physical health”
“Respect others and give people space when they need it”
“Different ways to handle anger and emotion”
“There is always somewhere to go if you need help”