Case Studies

We see young people from a variety of backgrounds who often have complex issues that they need help with. To get a better idea of what we do, please see our case studies below:

N.B – case studies are anonymous and names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

“Tash and It’s Your Choice have helped me so much over the years by supporting me every step of the way. Whenever I needed someone to turn to she was always there and I could trust her with anything, I always knew she would point me in the right direction and be there for me.

I knew she wouldn’t turn her back on me no matter what and helped me to get to where I am today which is the best I’ve ever been.”

“I came to Tasha at It’s Your Choice to help stop me doing drugs and to make me feel better about myself. She helped me by talking through why I did it and how to resolve those feelings to help me stop those feelings. Now I am off drugs and am a lot happier about myself.” 

Thank you very much for all your help the other day and for posting the notes that I forgot. You made me feel much more confident about what’s ahead of me, and I am very grateful!” 

“I’m 21 years old and I have been attending It’s Your Choice for at least 6/7 months.

I was at a complete loss before I was told about It’s Your Choice, as I was diagnosed with a personality disorder, and had a problem with Cannabis use. I attended a drug counselling course with Tash Willard which helped change the way I was living my life at that time.

 Tash worked with me until I was ready and never made me feel I was on my own. I was never under pressure and could be completely honest and say whatever was on my mind, something I wasn’t used to doing. I am now attending counselling with Alex and Alex has been brilliant too, even though I’ve struggled more with this counselling.  Alex has been patient with me and even extended my course by a couple of weeks as I don’t feel ready to not have someone to talk to.

It’s Your Choice has been a rock for me at this point in my life where I had no direction. I’m a lot stronger and I am learning to cope with my condition. If I have a bad day I don’t have to wait for my weekly appointment I can come to the drop in sessions and talk to someone.

I managed to get a full time job, something I haven’t been able to do in two years, but took to much on and struggled! I’m now looking for a part time job and I wouldn’t have been able to do either of these before I attending It’s Your Choice.

It’s Your Choice has made a big difference to my life and I’ll forever be grateful for their help.”

“J has been accessing the service for approximately six months. When he first came to see me he had just moved from the Kent area, he was looking for help with finding part time work as he had already gained a place on a plumbing course at the local college. Recently J has left college as he was not getting on with the course.

I supported J to access the Apprenticeship website and to apply for various options. I also helped J to look for alternative part time and also for work experience. J found a placement with a local painting and decorating firm and also had some casual labouring work. This was temporary work during the summer and throughout this time J continued to attend the drop in and found a place on another college course which he is now about a month into.

J continues to attend the drop in as he is still finding college challenging and we are working around him sustaining this while still looking for alternative apprenticeships as it is felt it would suit J’s learning style far more. J is also having issues at home and regularly argues with his mum so we are also working on his emotional well-being and on appropriate coping strategies.

J will continue to be able to access support from me and hopefully I will be able to prevent him from becoming fully NEET.” 

“B is 17 and has been coming to see me around maintaining her benefits, help with constructing a CV and also with finding suitable job vacancies or apprenticeships. B has a number of emotional health issues and as such I referred her for counselling, in doing this I hope that it will help B to be more confident when thinking about education or employment.

After completing her CV I supported B to distribute it by suggesting suitable places and showing her how to find them. I also provided phone support when she was doing this, especially as she found it challenging meeting new people and introducing herself. I have since referred B for help around support from her our housing service as she has been living with her boyfriend but argues a lot with him and I feel this contributes to her poor emotional health and low self-esteem.” 

“E has been engaging since March and has required a lot of intensive support via our drop in. Her confidence and self-esteem is very low and we have worked on this at length whilst also looking at various suitable vacancies and volunteer opportunities. This month E has applied for a job in a local library and I supported her to do this.

E has used me as a personal reference. This is a huge step for E as she has not had the confidence to apply for any vacancies before despite seeing some that she would like to have. Having worked on a gradual exposure ethos, am hoping that this will now mean that E will have the confidence to apply for more things and even take up one of the volunteer opportunities we have found in the past.

E has also now engaged, on my recommendation with her GP around her mental and emotional health, I am hopeful that this will mean that she finds accessing and sustaining employment much easier.”