Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart
Job Title:
Youth Advisor


Career overview:
I have been in the field of Youth Work all my adult life! I started as a young volunteer at the youth group I attended, once I turned 17. From there, I realised I enjoyed it! So I took the path of gaining my qualifications and then into paid work. I had previously volunteered here at IYC, as part of an agreement with a previous youth work job and also had positions where I have run youth clubs on a regular basis. I was employed here at IYC in August 2018.

What do you do at IYC?
I’m a Youth Advisor, with my main focus on running most of the Support Centre’s in our locations across the New Forest. Hopefully, you’ll find me friendly face that you can chat to about what is going on.
I also help with the upkeep of the website and our social media.

What attracted you to working at IYC?
Having volunteered here, I knew the ethos of the charity and what its overall outcomes were in supporting local young people. When the opportunity of being a Youth Advisor came up, I knew I had to at least take an interest, and ultimately took the position! Being someone from the New Forest and who grew up here, I have a sense of pride knowing I’m giving back to my local community.

What do you do outside of work?
I am a musician, playing drums and percussion. So, I’ll mainly be practicing outside of work or at gigs.
I also love watching sports, particularly football and cricket. So you might also see me at Southampton and Hampshire matches!