Mike Taylor

Job Title:
Chair of Trustees


After qualifying Mike worked in Social Services for a County Council and three London Boroughs, becoming Director of Social Services for LB Hillingdon 1989-93.  During this period there was a huge influx of unaccompanied refugee children through Heathrow Airport requiring new provision of specialist services and policy development at local and national level.  He then moved to be Director of UK and European Programmes for Save the Children and raised the profile and the budget for the work of the charity.


In 1996 he was part of the North Wales Child Care Examination Team reporting to the Secretary of State for Wales on the quality and safety of children’s services in two County Councils.  This experience was applied later when he led for NSPCC in response to the publication of the Waterhouse Inquiry into the abuse of children in care in North Wales.


He became Director of Children’s Services for NSPCC in 1996 and was responsible for 150 projects across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  With the launch of the Full Stop Campaign in 1999 he led on external engagements, including media representation and appeals.


Following an eight month contract as Head of Children and Families Services in a London Borough, he developed public sector interim management services for Search and Selection businesses in the UK.


Mike was Independent Chair of the Jersey Child Protection Committee from June 2009 to January 2013. This required detailed knowledge of policy and practice in safeguarding children in the UK and applying this in a Jersey legislative and political context.  In March 2010 he published Jersey’s first Serious Case Review undertaken applying Working Together.


In 2013 he completed a 6 month contract as Director of the People Group for Warwickshire County Council with responsibility for all adult and child social care services along with education.  He is currently the Independent Chair of the Safeguarding Adults Board for the county.


Mike has a BA, Wales, and a B.Phil. and certificate of Qualification in Social Work, Exeter University.  He attended the Cabinet Office Top Management Programme (TMP 39) in June 1994.