Laura Makem

Laura M cropd
Job Title:
Youth Advisor


Career overview:
I came to IYC in October 2018 after completing my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, where I  worked with the staff at a local Hampshire school on an emotional health and well being project.
What do you do at IYC?
I am a full-time Youth Advisor.
I currently work on support centres and over 18 support.
What attracted you to work at IYC?
I had had a wonderful experience working with IYC staff during my Masters and so jumped at the opportunity to join the team! Moreover, I love to work with young people on the issues that matter to them and support them to make the best decisions they can.
What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy spending my spare time with my family, friends and partner, and enjoy travelling abroad. I also like to sit in cafe’s for hours reading and listening to music