If you’re donating to a charity it’s completely understandable that you want to know how your money is being used.

Here at It’s Your Choice we use people’s generous donations for a variety of things including the basics such as just keeping our doors open to young people in need.

How is my donation used?

We would like to assure you that any donation, large or small, is put to very good use. Here are some examples of what a donation, from 50p to £500, will pay for:

  • 50p will pay for a hot drink and a biscuit to welcome a young person to our services
  • £1 will help keep our freephone helpline open
  • £3 will keep our Food Bank topped up so we can feed a hungry young person
  • £7 will pay for a bus ticket to enable a young person to attend a job interview
  • £15 will cover the cost of a meeting room so a young person can access help and support
  • £50 will pay for a tent, sleeping bag, torch, and emergency food package for a homeless young person with no where else to go
  • £100 will cover the travel costs of our trained volunteers so they can offer more advice and guidance to young people across the New Forest
  • £360 will pay for 6 weeks of group work support sessions for young people with self-harm or other issues of concern
  • £500 will recruit and train a counselling volunteer so they can support vulnerable young people throughout the year

Your donations really do make all the difference to our work and the 4000 young people we see every year.

You can also make a one off donation via our online donation page:

Thank you for your continued support!