Rock Choir raise £1,620 for It’s Your Choice….

Rock Choir, Britain’s leading choir and singing group across the UK joined forces with A Cappella Sounds on Saturday at St Thomas Church, Lymington to raise funds for It’s Your Choice, a youth charity based in the New Forest. It’s Your Choice offers information, advice and guidance on many issues that affect young people including drug and alcohol abuse, sexual health, homelessness and mental health issues. Empowering young people to make positive life choices and to be there providing help and support to prevent problems escalating into bigger concerns.
The choir sang a melody of popular songs and were supported by an all-male acapella group, making it a truly memorable afternoon. We would like to say a big thank you to Julie Wooten and her team from for supplying and serving some wonderful homemade cakes and refreshments. And a big thank you also to Peter Lashmar from for sponsoring the event. Gaining support from the community and local businesses is invaluable to small charities and we hope the event helped spread awareness of the wonderful work It’s Your Choice does.
Pam Robinson, Rock Choir member and Ambassador for the charity says: –
All the evidence tells us that, these days, young people are experiencing more anxiety and stress, and that is impacting on their mental health. At the same time, charities that offer support are struggling to hold onto their funding in these days of austerity. I wanted to support It’s Your Choice as they offer invaluable support to young people in the New Forest Area.
I am also very proud to be a member of Rock Choir. We like to come together as groups of choirs and do performances, and on Saturday 16th March 3 choirs joined up under the leadership of Rock Choir leader, Chris Mutch, to perform as a fundraiser for It’s Your Choice.
And Rock Choir were not the only musical act prepared to perform to benefit the charity.. the audience was treated to a performance from   A Cappella Sounds .
Choir members were hugely generous in donating raffle prizes and home make cakes, and those activities, together with tickets sold for our performance, raised £1620