It’s Your Choice Six Month Report: April-September 2016

As well as the important front line work we do at It’s Your Choice, it’s also a vital part of our job to keep accurate records and reports on the services we provide across the New Forest.

Here are the latest figures for the six month April-September 2016 period:

Overall Individual Numbers

The overall number of young people supported by the charity during this 6 month period was 444 (compared to 394 over the same period last year) of which 269 were new clients to IYC. This resulted in 513 referrals being made for both IYC and external services. This support was delivered by 13 paid staff and 21 volunteers, (15 Counsellors and 8 Youth Advisers).

School and Colleges Group Work

IYC contacted a further 496 young people during this period through group work in schools and colleges. This was delivered through 58 separate events in 7 venues/locations in the New Forest area. The breakdown of gender was even with 244 males and 225 females seen during the 6 month period and the average age of young people seen was 15 yrs. The groups were more, smaller targeted than in the previous year and larger sessions are planned for the next 6 months.

The overall number young people support by all IYC Services in the 6 month period was 2097 compared to 2008 during the same period in 2015.

Locations of Young People

IYC have continued to see young people on a 1:1 basis throughout the area and have now expanded services into new areas (Andover & Winchester) due to the changes in Criteria Funding for the Hampshire County Council NEET service, Future All.

Most young people accessing the services com for the larger towns and more populated areas of the New Forest, as would be expected but we have seen an increase in contacts from the remote areas and rural villages.

Referrals of Young People

513 client referrals were received for IYC Services during the 6 months, indicating that some clients are accessing one or more IYC services or having multiple referrals during that period of time.

Sexual Health, Emotional Health & Wellbeing, Substance Awareness, Homelessness support, Financial Awareness, Further Education and Employment all continue to be key reasons for young people to access our services.

Fordingbridge Youth HUB

26 sessions were run at the Fordingbridge Youth HUB in the 6 month period, run in partnership with the Salvation Army. Worked included 4 outreach sessions to help reach young people needing support who might not want to access it in a formal setting and a further 2 promotional sessions at Burgate School to raise awareness.

39 young people have access the HUB service with an average age of 14.7 years. It has largely been access by young males over the summer, but we have seen small number of young women now accessing the service in recent weeks.

Overarching themes of Aspiration and Inspiration have be delivered by  short workshops including Paralympians, First Aid, substance misuse, music, money management and community engagement. Young people have been encouraged to be involved through movie nights, BBQ’s and craft.

Changes to IYC Services

From July, additional funding from the “Help Through Crisis” project has enabled IYC to support 48 young people, aged 16-25 on issues including Homelessness, Employment & Education, Emotional Health & Wellbeing.

During the period, funding for postal Chlamydia screening via Youth Settings has been withdrawn across Hampshire, so there has been a slight decline in referrals to our service for this issue. Young people have been sign posted accordingly to specific services and liaison with a local GP surgery, it has been possible for young people to still access the Chlamydia screening programme via the  Totton drop-in.

New Milton drop-in transferred location from the Arnewood School, where a 3 hour fortnightly service was delivered, to The Hollies, New Milton, run by Solent Mind, where a wider range of ages and issues have been addressed.

Future All NEET Support was extended by HCC for a further 12 months with an additional focus on supporting young people from the Andover and Winchester Areas.

IYC Counselling Service

53 Counselling Initial Assessments were completed during the period with referrals coming from a wide range of external agencies.  47 young people attended 216 counselling appointments averaging just over 4.5 sessions each (some young people will have commenced counselling before the start of this recording period and others will conclude their sessions after 30th September).

There were a further 35 client DNA’s for counselling appointments and an additional 35 appointments were cancelled and had to be rearranged.

Feedback from young people accessing the counselling service indicates as follows: 100% felt listened to, over 87% fully agreed that they were taken seriously and over 85% fully agreed with the statement that “Overall the help received was good”.

Recorded comments from clients accessing the counselling service include:

“They listened to me really well and I feel like they understood what was happening in my life and some of the practices helped me really well.”

“I felt safe, listened to and I could trust who I spoke to.”

“I had time to build up the really good methods that were suggested.”

Outcomes and Evaluations

Vulnerabilities:  From a sample of 167 completed Vulnerability Assessments completed during the period, over 93% of young people felt they had limited access to support and 83% felt they had Emotional Health Issues.

70 young people accessing our service in the time period presented as having Risky or Challenging Behaviours and 44 were NEET at the time of accessing support.

Future All NEET Service

30 young people were referred to the NEET service between April and September 2016.

Homeless 18+ Service

72 young people have accessed support from the Homeless 18+ Service during the period with 35 young people being new to this service.

  • 3 Referrals and 2 young people accommodated by Nightstop
  • 3 Young people accessed supported accommodation
  • 3 young people obtained private tenancy
  • 4 young people were accommodated by other means
  • 3 young people were successfully rehoused within family home
  • 6 gained full time employment
  • 1 commenced the Princes Trust Course & 1 completed the Back on Track course
  • 1 became self employed

External Referrals