Well done Jan and Julie!

At It’s Your Choice, we’re always thrilled to hear feedback about our work with young people, and our latest piece of feedback about youth advisers, Jan and Julie, really made us smile.

“I work for the Youth Offending Team (YOT) and am currently supporting a young man with very complex needs… The YOT have been working with the young man for 6 moths and have found engaging him extremely difficult. We have involved many professionals in attempt to engage… and he has refused to engage with all of them.

We went to the drop in for ETE support and was met by Julie and Jan. I was so shocked that they Julie and Jan were able to positively engage my young person really well, not only in conversation but he even completed an application form which for him is such a achievement, he was polite to them throughout and stayed for appox 1hour 45 minutes. When he left he stated to myself he felt the session went really well and is making plans to return which again is a massive achievement.

I just wanted to make you aware as I felt Julie and Jan were so helpful and accommodating which is so refreshing to see and it has helped this young person to have a positive experience with other professionals which I think has given him a big confidence boost.” ~ Kirsty, YOT

Well done Jan and Julie for doing a great job!